Privacy Policy


To enable us to execute agreements and process orders effectively, certain detailed information will be required from our customers. Such information may include:

Tool achieve seamless execution of contracts with clients and the processing of requests, some details serve as a prerequisite for us, and such details include;

• Client’s full name
• Address of client (email and postal)
• Payment information and details of the customer.
• Product order details. Etc.

NOTE: The above-listed details can only be collected from you after we are sure that you possess licensed to release personal information to use

Note also; In cases of custom orders, more details may be requested of us. For custom orders, it is preferred that you contact us directly


For every piece of information we receive from you, we have a legal backing which gives us the right to collect such information. Therefore, whatever purpose we use such details for having to be in tandem with the provisions of the legal backing. We use your details for the following;

• To subscribe to our mailing list:
We use your details as the automatic subscription to our mailing list, and this only occurs after getting the approval of our request from you. You have the power to unsubscribe from this at your wish anytime.

These details also serve as a compass for the processing of your order and to resolve any issues during any transaction as well as to ensure dependable customer service.

Disclosure of your details is totally against our policy except demanded by a higher authority such as the court or law enforcement agencies of any sort, and this has to be accompanied by a tangible legal claim.

• We prioritize the rights and interests of our customers above the interests of the company, and this is what informs the way we handle and make use of all our customers’ details. Some reasons for using your details are;

(i) To improve our services;

Seeing that your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, we make use of these details as aids to the improvement of provision of our services to all our customers.

(ii) Seller Policy and Terms of Use Compliance

Sharing your information is in line with the requirements of the seller policy and terms of use, so we supply the information when necessary

  • Information sharing and Disclosure

All information collected from our highly esteemed clients are revered and follow a nondisclosure policy except in cases such as;

• Business transfers
If by any chance there is a merger or coalition between our business and another business, details of our customers will be transferred to that other business as required by the legal provisions.

• Service providers
Sometimes, at the time of sealing a business deal, we engage the services of responsible third parties, to help us achieve some functions and provide services to our web shop, such as delivery companies. Under this, we can let go of your personal information only when it is material to the adequate performance of their duty.

• Compliance with law
Customer’s information may be collected, utilized, retained or shared for some other important reasons such as:

(a) When it is an acknowledgement of a request made by the government or in response to legal action.
(b) When it is imperative for the enforcement of conditions, agreements, terms and policies.
(c) When it is for the avoidance and inspection of fraudulent and illegal activities, such as technical and security issues.

(d) For the preservation, defense and safety of the rights and property of our customers and others.

  • Data Retention

As provided in our privacy policy, the personal information obtained from our clients is exclusively retained for a designated period, which is necessary to provide you with our services sufficiently. However, we may keep this information for other reasons such as:

(i) If it is in conformation to our legal and regulatory responsibilities.
(ii) If it helps us in executing agreements and resolving disagreements, generally, our customer data are reserved for 4 years.

  • Transfer of personal information outside the EU

Usage of the privacy shield as a premise for legal transfer usually occurs when there is the need to transfer customer’s details to authorities and officials under government parastatals, surveillance laws and data protection in a separate jurisdiction. It is essential to note that in the US and other jurisdictions, classified information can be stored and processed using third-party services.

  • Your rights

As a resident of countries in the EU, there are specific rights spelt out for you as concerns usage of your personal information. Some of them are listed below;

• Access

• You are legally backed up to possess a copy of all the information we have about you, all you need do is reach out to us using the contact information below, and it will be given to you.

• Having sought your consent to process some of your details as regards being objects of obtaining marketing messages from our company, it is still very possible for you to withdraw that approval or consent. At this point, we have to take out all your data as far as the law backs it up.

• Change, restrict or delete information
All our customers are extended the right to alter, determine the extent to the use of or erase their personal information except in such cases where we need to protect such data for legal reasons.

How to contact me

• Complaint
You have the right to take up any issues of your information usage by us when you don’t feel comfortable with it, with a local data Protection strategy, as long as you are a resident of any of the EU countries, USA and Worldwide.

Following the provisions of the EU and US data protection law, I, Richard Sheglov functions as the data controller and manager of your personal information. In an event where you have problems, suggestions, questions or you need clarification, kindly contact me or mail me at Richard Sheglov, 2 Place du Châtelet, 75004 Paris, France. Thank you.