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Journey of Interior Decoration

Wooden lamps has certain features which place it as the perfect pick. These features include its shape which gives it room to brighten the interior as well as its design which makes it fit all styles, from modern to classic styles. Looking for the best decor for any part of your building or apartment? You can be sure that this wood lamp will be perfect for you!

Lightornia Studio

Now that I think of how this whole journey of interior decoration and making of wood lamps all started, it sounds more straightforward than the entire process we had to go through. I just had my first child early winter that year and want to create an ambience of warmth and serenity to ease her of the constant restlessness at night; I went lamp haunting. It was somewhat challenging to find what I wanted, thereby pushing me to create the kind of lamp I truly desired. Fast forward to the present where we have a workshop with our local designers continually creating new, cosy and fascinating items.

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